About Soundforms

Soundforms is an award winning, iconic, open-air performance enclosure, a staging product which provides a high quality acoustic environment for outdoor music events. 

The form comes from the notion of a seashell that mystically is able to project the sound of the sea to a listener. The form is often considered one of the most beautiful in nature, and a perfect match for the acoustic principals of the design, that of a throat, that projects sound. 

Soundforms is a premium quality staging product for musicians, audiences, festivals, promoters, broadcasters, orchestras and sponsors, who demand exemplary acoustic and aesthetic standards. 

The acoustic within the Soundforms shell allows musicians to hear themselves and each other more clearly, previously unknown in external fabric performance environments. As a result the quality of open-air performances significantly increases. The shell is designed to project the enhanced sound produced from the performers to the audience – generating a clearer, louder and more reverberant acoustic than can be achieved by using traditional transparent tents.  

The system is designed and engineered for rapid erection and dismantling as a temporary product, using minimal manpower and plant in order to keep deployment costs to the minimum or it can be installed on a permanent basis. 

The construction methodology is based on systems and techniques that are industry tried and tested, having been developed and refined over the last 35 years by leading staging companies. 

Sound Forms Limited is a company registered in the UK with a Board of Executive and Non-Executive Directors. An impressive team of professionals and a consortium of partner companies are behind Soundforms, all excellent in the specialisms needed to develop the product.