The Soundforms Acoustic Performance Shell is available for purchase in three standard sizes: regular, medium and large.

The Performance Shell can be installed on a temporary basis or permanently.

As in the case of the Bayside Performance Park in San Diego, which opened August 2021, an upsized Performance Shell and customisation can be provided.

The Soundforms Acoustic Performance Shell system is designed for rapid erection and dismantling, using minimal manpower and plant in order in order to keep deployment costs to the minimum.

The construction methodology is based on systems and techniques that are industry tried and tested, having been developed and refined over the last 35 years by leading staging companies.

The backbone of the Company is an impressive team of professionals, all excellent in the range of specialisms needed to develop, create and run Soundforms.

Following the deployment of the prototype shell in the Olympic Park, London 2012, the shell underwent further evolution, and the following elements were optimized:

  • The sightlines are wider without compromising the acoustics. The skin is tensile, not semi-inflatable.
  • The structure is stronger steel, over aluminium. 
  • The structure is now formed of ladder trusses, rather than a three-chord truss system, so it packs away more efficiently. 
  • The stage space is bigger, but overall footprint has been reduced. 
  • The acoustic panels are hidden, and easier to install


Platform size: 53 m2
Max platform capacity: 31 Musicians Natural Acoustic throw:1000 persons Payload: 10 tonnes.
Skin surface area:300m2


Platform size: 98 m2
Max platform capacity: 58 Musicians Natural Acoustic throw: 1500 persons Payload: 20 tonnes.
Skin surface area:600m2


Platform size: 211 m2
Max capacity: 124 Musicians
Natural Acoustic throw: 2000 persons Payload: 30 tonnes.
Skin surface area: 1000m2